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At the entrance of the Cap Corse and a few minutes from the center of the village of Saint-Florent and its beaches, live and enjoy a truly authentic experience. An idyllic setting, 28 rooms, a local restaurant: the Basgi Basgi hotel has been designed for you! Benefit from -15% off for any reservation two months before your travel dates!

Hospitality differently
Our history

Back to basics
A large family home

The Basgi Basgi Hotel project was thought out and initiated as a family home, a place to live. Basgi basgi, pronounced "Baji Baji", is a Corsican expression of friendship. It is used at the end of an exchange to show the affection we have for the person, and also hints at the promise that we will see each other again....

This could not better symbolize the concept of our boutique hotel and the way we wish to welcome our guests.

Each traveler is welcomed like a friend passing through Saint-Florent, a few steps from Cap Corse, the village and the Mediterranean Sea. 

We open the doors to our home, our little corner of paradise, unique and authentic!

Available and attentive hosts Coline & Matthieu

The Basgi Hotel Basgi is the project of a young, passionate couple, full of desires and dreams. In this dream, they wanted to minimize the impact of their establishment on the environment without sacrificing the comfort of their customers. 

Coline and Matthieu are proud to welcome you to their Boutique Hotel where they will share their story with you to help you discover the Corsica they love and cherish.

Our team

Our childhood friend, Marie Tomasini from the MT Architecture agency, designed a project respecting the codes and history of Nebbiu, her region of origin. The rehabilitation of the original limestone building– the region's first wine cellar– gives soul and character to the place. The openings face the swimming pool and the Mediterranean garden dominated by pine trees that have proudly stood for generations.

In accordance with Marie's work, our interior designer Léa Ueshima, imagined an aesthetic concept which immerses the client in a peaceful and colorful atmosphere. A Mediterranean holiday home with contemporary touches. The inspiration of a place where the work of materials and colors evokes the south with Caribbean notes.

Yohan Pedre, graphic designer from the Knoho Studio agency based in the West Indies, completed this trio with a strong visual identity and assertive graphic interventions in different areas of the hotel (swimming pool, bar, studio, etc.). The logo and graphic elements are inspired both by the natural environment but also by artistic trends such as Memphis design.

Enjoy with ease Our partners

Our project was supported by partners essential to its realization: the Mairie of Saint-Florent, Femu Quì, Crédit Agricole, CADEC, CAPI, BPI, ATC, AUE, ADEME.  

Operation carried out with the financial support of ADEME and France Relance as part of the Recovery Plan.

The Basgi Basgi Hotel is co-financed by the ERDF.

We talk about us

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