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Corsican authenticity
Discover Saint-Florent

Gourmandise, Charm, Authenticity
The village of Saint-Florent

Saint-Florent offers a complete experience, combining culture, history, nature and gastronomy . Come and discover everything this charming village has to offer and let yourself be enchanted by its unique atmosphere. Your stay in Saint-Florent will be marked by conviviality, sharing and discovery


Culture & Music A visit to the Cathedral and the Citadel

If you are a culture lover, don't miss a visit to the Saint Mary of Nebbio Cathedral. You may even have the chance to attend a concert of polyphonic music, a unique experience that will immerse you in the Corsican soul.

You can also go to the Citadelle which offers a unique view of the village and the Gulf of Saint-Florent. From its esplanade you can quickly get to the village and stroll through its alleys. 

Between charm, picturesqueness and crystal clear waters A stroll through the streets of Saint-Florent

Walking to the pier is a relaxing experience. Admire the glittering sea while mingling with locals strolling by. It's a great place to take photos. Continue your adventure by walking to the Saint-Florent citadel via Plaza Doria. The history of this region is revealed as you walk. The panoramic view from the citadel is breathtaking. After exploring the city, there's nothing like a refreshing swim at the small La Crique beach. The crystal clear waters invite you to relax.

The sea mist The charm of the port

One of the must-do activities is to enjoy a delicious ice cream, while admiring the breathtaking view of the boats gently rocking in the port. It’s a refreshing break that allows you to soak up the coastal ambiance.

Saint-Florent is also famous for its boutiques often open late at night during the summer. You will find delicatessens offering quality Corsican products, souvenir and fashion shops.

Local flavors Deliciousness awaits

Lovers of fresh produce will be delighted to visit the producers' market which is held on Saturday mornings in Patrimonio, as well as Tuesday and Friday mornings in Oletta. This is the ideal opportunity to taste the authentic flavors of Corsica and leave with an appetizing souvenir of your getaway.

Discover the summer atmosphere Parties, festivals and concerts

If you plan your visit in summer, don't miss the music festivals such as Soluna Festival, at the beginning of July, in Saint-Florent and the Nuits de la Guitare in Patrimonio, at the end of July. For slow food lovers, the Ribellazione festival, in September, is an unmissable, gourmet and experience. Throughout the summer you can enjoy the open-air nightclub, Conca d'Oro.